An athletics opportunity

April 21 2015

While the “Province pulling funding for Sport Alliance makes theFuture of Ontario Games unclear” what remains clear is the Haliburton55+ Summer Games are underway and could prove the most successful ever.Our seniors play compete and have fun with no funding.
As for thefuture of the Ontario Games being unclear what an opportunity forHaliburton and Muskoka. Between the two they have hosted the last three Ontario 55+ Winter Games (2011 2013 and 2015). Given the currentuncertainty our demographics central location and past expertise theeasiest solution for both the Government of Ontario and the OSGA 55+Games might be to select Haliburton/Muskoka as permanent sites for these games. As the population ages and the games become more popular eachof the 10 events could be stand alone bringing hundreds of visitors week after week.

Peter O’Connor