AMO expenses total about $8300

By Chad Ingram

County politicians who attended the Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference in Niagara Falls in August accrued just more than $8300 in combined expenses.
The annual conference offers seminars speakers and allows municipal politicians to network with one another and provincial counterparts.
From Algonquin Highlands Deputy-reeve Liz Danielsen had $1664.22 in total expenses including $657.37 in registration fees $602.15 for accommodations $209.25 in mileage $127.65 for meals and $67.80 for parking.
From Minden Hills Reeve Brent Devolin had total expenses of $1815.81 entailing $671.87 for registration fees $693.98 in accommodations $283.24 in mileage and $166.67 for meals.
Councillor-at-large Ron Nesbitt had total expenses of $1443.74 comprised of $671.87 for registration $693.98 in accommodations and $77.89 for meals. He claimed no mileage.
Dysart el at Deputy-reeve Andrea Roberts’s expenses were paid by the upper tier of Haliburton County and totalled $1667.73.
That included $657.73 in registration fees $602.15 in accommodations and parking $279.61 in mileage and $128.60 for meals.
Haliburton County chief administrative officer Mike Rutter’s expenses totalled $1732.85 and included $657.37 in registration $594.33 in accommodations and parking $224.50 in mileage and $256.65 for meals.
No councillors or staff from Highlands East attended the conference.