Earlier this week there was a minor buzz about this abandoned TTC streetcar located off of Kenneway Road in Haliburton. It's been learned it was used as a dining car by lumber workers in the winter and storage in the summer in the 1950s. Photo by Angela Long.

Abandoned TTC street car in woods drawssocial media attention

By Darren Lum

A photo depicting the rusted out shellof a TTC streetcar in the woods located off Kennaway Road in Haliburton posted onTwitter by Josh Matlow a Toronto city councillor on Monday Aug. 19caused a minor online stir garnering close to 1500 likes within aday.

TTC media relations and issuesmanagement specialist Stuart Green posted to Twitter:

“TTC streetcar 2500 a Peter Wittbuilt in 1921 and retired in 1954. Likely sold by the scrapper as abody only and then hauled up there for a cottage or cabin … or as aspectacle.”

However Ken Wrigglesworth a formerHaliburton Scout Reserve staff member who was part of a researcheffort behind installing historical kiosks at the Scout Reserve property hadanother answer.

Wrigglesworth said notes from 1966 say“the retired Toronto Street Rail Car arrived during the winter of1955 along the Kennaway Road a mile or so west of the ScoutReserve and [was] used by lumber cutting contractors who weresupplying the Curry Mill as a dining hall and summer tool shed.”

The Curry Mill was owned by W.R. Currywhose grandson Peter confirmed the story about the streetcar beingused as a dining car.

Wrigglesworth said the notes came from J.C.Moore the Scouts Canada field commissioner responsible for locatingthe property for purchase in 1946. Moore was the camp's Ranger from1947 until he died in 1973.

These notes were partof the brief history of the Haliburton Scout Reserve compiled in1972 for the 25th anniversary of the camp's founding.

The land the streetcar sits on nowbelongs to Camp Timberlane.