25 Years of Fundraising for Health Care

Submitted by Lisa Tompkins

At the recent Haliburton Highlands Health Services AGM (reporting on the
Foundation’s fiscal year ending March 31, 2021), some significant health care
milestones in the Haliburton Highlands were acknowledged. These milestones
included the recognition of:

Haliburton Hospital: 85 years
Minden Hospital: 65 years
Hyland Crest: 55 years
Haliburton Auxiliary: 50 years
Highland Wood: 25 years
Incorporation of HHHS: 25 years
HHHS Foundation: 25 years

And 2022 will mark the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Wilberforce
Red Cross Outpost (the site of the first Red Cross Outpost Hospital in
Ontario, the first hospital of any kind in Haliburton County and surrounding area,
now a National Historic Site of Canada). It’s an impressive list demonstrating the
history of health care facilities and organizations in the Highlands.

As impressive, from the perspective of HHHS Foundation, is the depth of generosity
and support given during its 25-year tenure to support health care.

In addition to $6 million raised in the community for the rebuild of the Haliburton
and Minden hospital sites which opened in 2000, over $10.6 million more
has been raised to date to enable the purchase of priority capital equipment for the
hospital and health care facilities, and to support education and community programs.

Over the years, critical medical equipment identified and funded has included
new x-ray equipment for both Haliburton and Minden hospital sites, which was
(last year) updated to digital, and further supplemented by digital portable x-ray
machines for first the Minden, and then Haliburton, sites; ultrasound equipment,
including portable ultrasound; echocardiographs,
and a major project for new and upgraded cardiac telemetry equipment,
to name just some. Important infrastructure equipment such as beds, and
ceiling lifts have been funded for hospital and Long Term Care, as well as the creation
of 2 Infection Control Rooms for the Emergency Departments. The Haliburton
Highlands Palliative Centre was added as a new wing to the Haliburton Hospital
site in 2017.

Some equipment funded over the years meant the opportunity to provide new
services, including Telemedicine (now also supporting the Haliburton County
Virtual Primary Care Clinic), and Bone Mineral Densitometry diagnostics.
Community Programs have also been a focus in recent years; funds have supported
the purchase of 2 vans – for Meals on Wheels, and for accessible transportation.
Funds have also been provided for the in-home Emergency Responder
System units, Mental Health programs, Meals on Wheels, and Medically-
Required Transportation. Addressing accessibility needs, from Long Term Care
to community, including the redesign and relaunch of an accessible responsive website,
paired with a new Community Program Information System was a further
funding achievement.

That’s just a sample of what the extraordinary generosity of this community of
permanent residents, seasonal residents, cottagers and visitors has helped make
possible to support HHHS’ ongoing goal and commitment to be leaders in innovative rural health care, and to provide the quality of care we’ve all come to rely on – and it’s pretty impressive. Haliburton Highlands Health Services
Foundation is an incorporated registered Canadian charity that financially supports the hospital and health care facilities in Haliburton County for capital projects, equipment, education programs and community support services.

The money is raised through personal, business and corporate donations, special events, annual and planned giving programs. The Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that dedicates time and expertise to have better health care and hospital facilities. For information on ways to support local health care,
call (705) 457-1580 or visit www.hhhs.ca/foundation.