$50000 too much for rebrand

February 10 2015

To the Editor
RE: HHHS rebranding

Conversations in the community often are about the great health care we receive with a dedicated staff. There has been a strong volunteereffort of thousands of hours. The financial donations to HHHS almostweekly are reported in the news. The courageous nursing efforts aregiven to this community. Is there anyone else out there thinking $50000 is $50000 too much no matter what the source to spend on “a new logo and communication strategy” as reported by the Echo (Feb. 3 pg 3)?
How about spending the money on the continued care of the residents and the health care providers? Please use the hard earned support for the bestpossible use. The only communication and branding that is required isthe big Blue H. The Hospital has a local monopoly really people in thearea will be there. If there really is a need to change the logo couldgo back to the original Red Cross when there was respect to the staffand trust in the volunteers rather than red tape. In spite ofbureaucratic direction we still have good medical care! Thank you tothe staff of the hospital.

Jean S. Tyler